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Justin Giallonardo

Commercial Aerial Media

About Justin Giallonardo

Residing in Central Louisiana, Justin Giallonardo is deeply entrenched in the domains of commercial real estate and construction. However, beneath the surface of his professional pursuits, he is an enthusiast in the world of drone technology.

Justin’s interest with drones extends beyond mere pastime; it’s a passion that has taken flight in both his personal and professional life. His knack for aerial exploration has not only captured breathtaking natural vistas but also found practical applications in the world of commercial real estate.

While his career achievements are noteworthy, it’s Justin’s dedication for drones that adds a unique layer to his persona. These unmanned aerial vehicles have become more than just gadgets; they are tools that enable him to capture attractive aerial perspectives of natural landscapes and properties.

Justin’s expertise in this area complements his role in commercial real estate. Whether it’s for surveying potential development sites or showcasing properties from a unique perspective, his drone hobby has seamlessly woven into his professional toolkit.

If you share Justin’s interest in drones and their applications, make sure to visit his blog. It’s a portal to his world of high-flying technology and innovation.